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Does your project require smooth precise constant fabricated metal components? Cutting by hand, or mechanical methods are obsolete. Computer numerical control, or CNC, plasma table is what you are looking for. With this upgraded table, MJN can make consistent cuts on up to 50 sq feet of material, and thickness exceeding 1” at one time.

General Description

As mentioned above, plasma tables are important equipment for dealing with heavy material in a variety of fields. Supporting industries in manufacturing, construction, agriculture, integration, food, pharmaceutical, and more. Ferrous metals or nonferrous metals, plasma tables help increase operations and make more difficult tasks easier for your team.

Provided Benefits

1) Increased Cutting Quality – MJNester’s table has a waterbed that allows for precise cuts to be made, leaving you with enhanced results that will please your team and those clients you service. With such heavy material, some cutting jobs can be more difficult, such as making smooth edges or curves. A plasma table does just that, makes these tasks simple and leaves high-quality cuts that are sure to impress.

2) Variety of Usage – Since plasma tables can be used for multiple purposes, they prove to be a very adaptable  piece of equipment in the field. This can help increase what jobs you can tackle with a lack of limitation based on the material you’re dealing with. Besides steel and aluminum, plasma tables can also cut through copper, brass, and other metals that are conductive.

3) Safety Measures – Using a computer-operated program to run the machine vs manual labor, MJNester lessens the possibility of physical harm. Cutting blades, heat, sparks all are harmful to employees’ safety. Our dedicated commitment to technology and worksite safety doesn’t stop at the “on-site” job site. It’s part of our culture. Culture that involves education. Not only education of the product and equipment, but safe consistent use of equipment, materials, and products. This culture is all geared towards the prevention of common injuries associated with material cutting. Including, but not limited to strains, deep tears, and burns.

These are just a few of the most important benefits you’ll find when using a plasma table! Why settle for less quality fit and finish when you have access to a plasma table with just a phone call? Give us a call and see what projects we can provide for you.

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The pictures above can give you a glimpse at the smooth cuts it provides and one example of a finished project.

For more questions regarding plasma tables and how they work, visit our contact page to get in touch with us. You can call and email us, or fill out our form. While you’re there, check out our services page to see how we can help you.


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