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Our team at MJ Nester wants to highlight a current project that we’re making strides on. This project focuses on the reconditioning of an industrial part that will be included in an upcoming conveyor extension system that is being designed in-house. We want to identify some of the signs of wear and tear, along with the benefits of reconditioning.

The part in question is a head roller, which will be utilized to help support the conveyor system and the movement of the related materials on the system itself. The parameters of the head roller include a 25 inch diameter with a 26 inch diameter drive sprocket. There is also a 4 inch bore pillow block rated for 93,000 pounds of static load capacity or 70,000 pounds of dynamic load capacity.

Overtime, wear and tear or more advanced parts can force companies to consider part replacement options. Wear and tear can occur for a variety of reasons, the most common being chemical corrosion from high temperatures, rust from oxidation, or long term usage. No matter what you do, eventually a part will need to be replaced, but it’s viable and optimal to keep it functional for as long as possible.

Regarding the reconditioning process, many industries and organizations can repair former parts to provide a variety of benefits. Some of these benefits include:

● Minimizing Costs – Part replacement can cost exceedingly more than restoration.

● Decreasing Downtime – Repairs can get systems back up and running much faster than waiting for a new part to be shipped to your location.

● Environmental Awareness – Compared to a new part being built, repairs can save production energy and reduce environmental waste.

The next time you’re thinking about replacing an old part, consider if reconditioning is a better option for you. For extra support, our team has experience related to the rebuilding process. Some of our other services include welding, piping, plant relocation, and much more! Don’t hesitate to contact us or visit our website for any questions you might have.

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