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When handling industrial related equipment, such as power circuits and control panels, there has to be a prominent level of understanding and experience behind the technician. For starting a UL Panel Shop, this statement is only further validated. Here at MJ Nester, we wanted to cover one of the crucial aspects of hiring a company with a UL508A Industrial Control Panel Shop.

When working with a company who has a UL Panel Shop, you can expect employees to be UL508A certified. This certification relates to safety standards revolving around industrial control panels. This specifically targets devices that are utilized for controlling electric motors. A UL508A certification can help ensure safety standards are met in a conventional manner.

Besides reaching required safety standards, if a third party company conducts inspections, it’s more efficient to verify with the proper certifications on hand. Underwriters’ Laboratories, UL, is the most popular organization connected to industrial control panel certification such as mentioned. This makes certain that there is a high level of knowledge behind the company and associated employees, since certification requires extensive training of the panels and compliances that must be achieved.

With this certification, companies know how components must be used, when they have to be applied, and for what usages they have. This relates, but is not limited to, wires, switches, and motors. On another note, if the components are UL certified, it’s faster to find working components for the panels themselves.

If you’re looking for a company to resolve your electrical needs, don’t hesitate to contact MJ Nester! We’re starting up a UL 508A Industrial Control Panel Shop, so we’ll be able to respond to your problems with a team that has professional experience! For our other industrial services or cleaning, you can check out our website and call or email us.


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