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Are you looking for a professional firm that you can trust to step up to the plate on your next capital project? Plant renovations and additions are no easy task and require careful planning and a precise set up to guarantee a job well done! Here at M.J. Nester, we take extra steps in the planning process to deliver you and your company quality results that fit your vision.

It is our responsibility to communicate with you as the client to figure out the end goals and fulfillments of your project, which will make the job smoother and more efficient in the long run. Before the first step is even made, we will visit your site to have a walkthrough and talk to you about your project, along with the expectations, deadlines, and questions you might have. After finalizing and getting the go ahead from you, we will start the planning procedure!

When planning your renovation or an addition of a new machine or mezzanine, it may seem difficult to envision an updated or completely new part of your plant. To give you a clearer picture, we work with our vendor partners who create a 3D model from their computer software which can show how the project would look and function in a video format. You will see by the video attached, the software will allow you to see the project running in a working environment: where workers would be stationed, how the forklift would unload material, and more! This gives you the advantage of being able to express any concerns or questions you may have before anything is set in stone. Another great feature of their software is that a “virtual tour” can be given, which allows you to see the project from all angles, even a walk up the stairs and between the machines! When you are satisfied with the digital representation, M.J. Nester can organize, consult, manage, fabricate, and install the project in physical format.

With the help of our vendor partners and their computer software, you can avoid problems of any capacity. As the project proceeds into physical design, we will be with you every step of the way. For more questions about any of our services or procedures, check out our website and review our company and our contact information! We provide our services throughout the United States and welcome the opportunity to serve you and your company! 

If you are not looking for a renovation or addition project currently, there are a variety of other services to check out on our website. Some of these include mechanical, industrial, welding, millwright, piping, plant relocation, and rigging! Our industrial services page dives into the specifics of what we can accomplish for each particular facility that we typically work in. We also have industrial cleaning services available for marine, industry, automotive, and masonry. Our vapor abrasive blasting can get rid of rust, dirt, graffiti, and much more using a virtually dust-free system. 


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