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Vapor Abrasive Blasting prepares surfaces for protective coatings. Removes years of built up anti-fouling paint increasing fuel economy and boat performance, bring your vessel back its original integrity. Whether it’s for prepping a surface or just to bring your craft back to its former glory, marine stain removal is easy and Eco-friendly with Tri Element.

If you have questions about our marine stain removal and how we can help you, call us or send us a message. We are an eco-friendly industrial cleaning service serving the Pottstown and Philadelphia areas with cost-effective, environmentally conscious ways to remove coatings, remove contaminants, remove corrosion, and remove residues from hard surfaces while reducing the amount of water used.

vapor abrasive blasting insustrial cleaning


Vapor Abrasive Blasting is able to prep the surface and remove coatings that meet NACE and SSPC standards for the degree of cleanliness blasted steel. This includes commercial blast, NACE 3 and SSPC-SP6; near white metal blast, near white metal blast, NACE 2 and SSPC-SP10; and white metal blast, NACE 1 and SSPC-SP5. It can eliminate 92% of airborne particles and can be used almost anywhere, including enclosed spaces or in locations that need less containment than if you were sandblasting.

  • Preparing surfaces for coating
  • Cleaning storage tanks
  • Removing rust and mill scale
  • Building and site maintenance
  • Exposing welds


Perfect for restoring all types of vehicles. Removes paint, rust, and body filler without Sanding. No Warping, No Dust. Strips metal, fiberglass bumpers, plastic bumpers. Classic cars, modern cars, campers, RVs, trucks, tractors, trailers, and much more.


Restore just about any brick, stone, walkways, concrete pools, stucco and many more masonry projects. Our cleaning equipment removes dirt, grime, grease, stains, and paint from masonry without damaging the original surface.

graffiti removal, industrual cleaning services


Pressure washing won’t get rid of it. However, our Vapor Abrasive Blasting system will easily eliminate graffiti and leaves the original surface intact. This style of graffiti removal is ideal for property owners, commercial management companies, contractors, municipalities and any of the Dept. of Transportation entities. We also only use eco-friendly methods of vapor blasting.

If you have questions about our removal methods and how we can help you, call us or send us a message. We offer cost-effective, environmentally conscious industrial cleaning to remove unwanted coatings, contaminants, corrosion, and residues from hard surfaces. Headquartered in Collegeville Pennsylvania, about 30 minutes North West of Philadelphia, our Mobile capabilities allows us to travel to you.

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