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MJ Nester Renovations supplies and tools


MJ Nester Renovations

Right now, we’re in the process of making changes to our own office space! This opportunity gives us the chance to provide a fresh new look for our clients who happen to stop in and provide an updated and efficient environment for our employees to work.

Highlights of the project.

We started by putting up the first few layers of insulation that will be important for keeping us comfortable in the office during the hot summers, cold winters, and other weather conditions. The first layer is padded insulation, along with a second layer of spray foam insulation to engulf it. Spray foam insulation is a popular product that’s effective for trapping heat and blocking sound within an interior space. When used, it will begin to expand in place, packing tightly within any ceilings, walls, or other surfaces. Not only will it keep the inside of the building warm, it can also lower overall energy costs for the building.

MJ Nester RenovationsAfter the new insulation is situated properly, we were able to move onto the drywall and spackling. The drywall was basic enough, defining the walls, ceilings, and shape of the office space. Spackling helped seal the deal, allowing us to repair any holes, cracks, or other damages that may have been present after the drywall was put up. If you plan on renovating, make sure you plan for spackling. It’s a game changer!

With a little elbow grease, our office space is starting to become a viable space where we can improve our operations! We’re excited to show you the final results when the project is all said and done.

MJ Nester Renovations

Watch for more blogs on the next Phase of our renovation.

Interested in planning your own renovations? Contact us through phone, email, or the form on our contact page. We offer industrial services such as welding, rigging, and plant relocation, just to name a few. We also offer industrial cleaning services for marine, automotive, and other industries! We’ll be waiting to hear from you.


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